Book Review: Momentary by Sage Vaughn

I'm always on the look out for beautiful and interesting art (especially now that we have all these new blank walls to deal with)! So when I was given the opportunity to review Momentary, a fabulous new book featuring the artwork of Sage Vaughn, I was absolutely thrilled! Featuring colorful butterflies (a favorite decorative motif of mine) the images here are absolutely stunning! A great little addition to your coffee table, this lovely little book would also make a great gift.

PS: More great books to give and to get!

Monday's P.O.P.

purple pairing

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Wrap Stars

This afternoon all three of my children start their Holiday school break...which means any covert gift wrapping that needs to be done during day light hours, needs to be done NOW.  Last night found me scanning Pinterest for some easy gift wrapping inspiration...the key word here being easy - as I'm sort of hapless in this area...

My usual "go to" in the gift wrapping department is a pretty little shopping bag with loads of bright tissue paper. However,  this round up of simple and chic gift wrapping ideas is inspiring me to put a bit more effort into it this year...wish me luck and happy weekend!

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Ms. Muse And Company

As I hinted on Instagram, last week Nicole Cohen, a professional New York City photographer, artist and blogger at Sketch42 came up to Connecticut to shoot my new home. I plan on sharing these photos soon, starting with a proper reveal of my kitchen ( I think this puts me at roughly week 12 in the one room challenge? #designtakestime) Anyway, until these photos are ready, I thought I'd share some other recent work of Muse Interiors

If you're new here, Lauren Muse helped me with the interior design of my old house and is now helping me out with our new home as well. Here's a peek at a few other projects Lauren has been working on...


New House, New Needs

1 \\ 2 \\ 3 \\ 4 \\ 5

Settling in to a new house during the Holiday season absolutely has it's challenges...if we had the chance to do it over, moving during this busy time of year would probably not be our first choice. As I'm quickly learning, with a new house comes a list of new things you'll need.  So, the upside here is taking advantage of all the great "end of year" and Holiday sales going on! Here's (another) round up of the things I've been scouting for our new digs...

1. I can't get enough of these fluffy as a cloud pillows, especially the lumbar ones.

2. Still trying to figure out the best way to style the new kitchen, one item that looks good and makes practical sense: these chic cutting boards.

4. New powder rooms call for new accessories. Finding pretty new pieces for our pretty new bathrooms is my new favorite thing (sad, but true!)

5. Looking for the perfect little settee for my oldest daughter's room, and I think I found it here!

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