Home Tour: White and Bright In High Point, North Carolina

So excited to see designer Lisa Sherry's home featured over on Architectural Digest this week. I've been a long time reader of Sherry's blog, so it felt extra special to see this peek into Lisa's chic home. And, the photos of this fabulous abode were taken by one of my favorite interiors photographers, Patrick Cline. (a call back to the early days of Lonny magazine).

Lisa's home, while restrained in it's neutral and white color palette, has a great deal of personality. I especially love the old architectural elements combined with Lisa's fresh spin on modern style!


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Most Frequently Asked Questions

I get a lot of questions about blogging and I also get a lot of questions about my own home's decor. While I always take the time to answer them, I thought I'd address the top questions I find myself repeating. Today I'm tackling the top questions I get regarding my home. Maybe these questions are something you've been wondering as well, as some of them are quite broad, while others are very specific.

As for answers to blogging questions...these are always very specific - but if there's enough interest, I'm happy to answer the top five or so questions as well. Let me know in the comments if this is something you'd be interested to learn more about.

1. What are you're kitchen counter tops made of? Are they marble? And if so, how do you find it wears. ANSWER: Yes, the counter tops are marble, they are white Statuario Altisimo marble and the edges have been mitered (built up) to create a thicker visual look. There are some chips and dings to some of the edges which does bother me a bit, but I don't regret the decision to go with the marble. At some point I plan to have the chips repaired, but we've only been living here for less than three years, so I'm also trying to be a bit more careful when using heavy pots and pans.

In our kitchen in our old house, we had Calcutta Gold white marble counters and I don't remember them being as fragile- but I have a theory this might have to do with the fact we went with the mitered look here. It may have created a less stable edge, or it's possible that this marble is more porous than the other slab from our former kitchen. There's also some uneven staining where either lemon juice or vinegar may have splashed here and there...I was used to this from our past experience with marble counters. This doesn't bother me at all. The short answer is yes, for an expensive finish they don't wear as well as other stones or counter tops, BUT, I love the look and would choose it all over again regardless.

2. Who makes your faucet? What is the finish? Is it hard to maintain? ANSWER: The faucet is by Barber Wilsons.  The finish is unlacquered brass, which is marketed as a "living finish" which I think is just design speak for saying this thing will tarnish over time. We spiff ours up from time to time with Bar Keepers Friend.

3. What is your kitchen backsplash made out of? ANSWER: It's painted glass tiles in a chevron pattern. You can find these at almost any tile store.

You can read more about our kitchen design and choices here - and find a full source list here.

4. Who makes the wallpaper in your blue and white bathroom? ANSWER: This is by Quadrille Fabrics and the pattern is called Sigourney. I fell in love with it after seeing the fabric in this color. At the time I ordered the wallpaper, it was a custom color...not sure if this is still the case. You can read more about our blue and white bathroom and see the before and afters here.

5. What is the animal print carpet on your stairs? ANSWER: The carpet is by Stark, it's called Antelope Ax, and ours is the chocolate color. We have it on our back stairs and mudroom hallway-its GREAT for hiding dirt.

6. What paint color is on the walls of your family room? ANSWER: It's Benjamin Moore's Calm. You can read more about my paint colors here and here.

I hope these were helpful. I literally made a list and these were the top six questions I get asked the most, but please feel free to ask away in the comments if you have a different query!

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An Interview With The Author Of Slightly South Of Simple

My blogging friend, Kristy Woodson Harvey is at it again! Kristy has just released her third book, Slightly South of Simple. I've just started reading my copy which Kristy was kind enough to send me and I'm already hooked!

Kristy writes about families and generations of Southern women. Since I know Kristy from the design blogging world (she blogs at Design Chic) I thought it would be fun to get to know Kristy a bit better, so I asked her a few questions in the hopes that Kristy would share some of her Southern style and personality here today.


Spring Shopping List

1  //  //  3  //  //  5  //  //  7  //  8  //  //  10  //  11

I make lists for almost everything I do. These helpful reminders allow me o stay on track with my family, my home, this blog and life in general. However, one area I tend to neglect making an actual list for is my wardrobe. Typically, I'll pick up a pair of shoes here and a cute top there, without an event or specific outfit in mind. This process doesn't always serve me well - as just this last weekend I found myself standing in my closet with the dreaded but familiar "nothing to wear" frustration. 

With several social events coming up on our calendar, I'm hoping a list will do the trick, and alleviate my closet conundrum. I'm making a list of what I love and keeping in mind what I'll need. Wish me luck!


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